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Dec 18, 2014

PSYC 123 - The Psychology of Getting Hired

Simply having a college degree is not enough – if you want to be competitive in the professional world you need to devote as much time and effort in developing your professional credentials and materials as you do to your coursework.

Together we will explore psychological principles that influence the selection process and how you can apply them for the edge that makes your competition Fear the Turtle!

This is a one-credit, online course open to freshman, sophomores, and juniors of any major.  For more information visit

Dec 16, 2014

New Social Learning Lab seeking undergraduate research assistant!

Research Assistant Position
Social Learning Lab 

The Social Learning Lab, a brand-new lab under the direction of Dr. Lucas Butler, is currently seeking a highly motivated and dependable student for the Spring semester to work on various projects investigating children's early social and cognitive development. The individual will spend at least one semester working in the lab (longer commitment preferred), and will be responsible for assisting with a variety of daily lab activities, including data coding and entry, participant recruitment, and hands-on testing with young children. For more information on the work we do in the Lab, please see:

-6-9 hours per week (9 preferred)
-Data Coding & Entry
-Participant Recruitment
-Subject Testing

-Minimum 3.0 GPA
-Completed PSYC 100
-Experience working with children
-Organizational skills

How To Apply:
To apply, please send your resume, unofficial transcript, and Spring 2015 class schedule to Lucas Butler at Preferred application deadline: January 1. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. 

Dec 12, 2014

Child Development Lab Research Assistant position!

Research Assistant Position 
University of Maryland
Child Development Lab
The Child Development Lab, under the direction of Dr. Nathan Fox, is currently seeking a highly motivated and extremely dependable student for the Spring semester to work on the Bucharest Early Intervention Project. The individual chosen will spend one semester in training with the current undergraduate, and will ultimately be responsible for data entry, communication with collaborators, and coding qualitative information. The undergraduate will not be working directly with participants, as the study takes place in Romania, but rather will be involved in the data management aspect of research. 

-9 hours per week
-Four semester commitment (including paid summer 2015 internship)
-Data entry

-Minimum 3.0 GPA
-Successful completion of PSYC 200
-Organizational skills
-Commitment to the accuracy and completeness of data
-Familiarity with SPSS Statistics preferred
-Sophomore status preferred 

How To Apply:
If interested, please send your resume, unofficial transcript, and Spring 2015 class schedule to Leanna Papp at Application deadline: January 1. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis.

Fiction Writing Scholarship!

The Sebastian Herbstein Memorial Scholarship in Fiction Writing

Attention creative writers! Are you a passionate fiction writer with a flair for storytelling? If so, submit your application TODAY!

The Sebastian Herbstein Memorial Scholarship in Fiction Writing is a memorial scholarship that honors the memory of Sebastian Herbstein, a talented writer, dedicated scholar and son of UMD professor, Judith Freidenberg, which provides two prizes, $600 for first prize and $300 for second prize, for works of short fiction of 5,000 words or less. All full-time UMD undergrads are eligible to apply.

For complete award criteria, instructions, and an online application, please visit Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 .

Questions? Contact Jennifer Kilberg, BSOS Alumni and Donor Relations at 301.405.2998 or

Graduate/Post doc Research Assistant position with Total Child Health!

Graduate Student or Post doc Research Assistant Position
Total Child Health

This position is to assist in an ongoing research project to validate a parent completed questionnaire about mental health symptoms co morbid with ADHD such as anxiety, depression and conduct problems delivered by CHADIS ( compared to a structured psychiatric interview. The research assistant will recruit parents, explain the study, collect consent, arrange a time for the interview, conduct the interview and enter data into a database. Clinical experience with child assessment is required. This project is being conducted by a team of physicians and psychologists.

-Clinical interviews with parents of young children
-15-20 hours per week
-Recruiting and consenting parents for research
-Well organized and punctual
-Strong verbal English

-MA in psychology or SW
-Clinical experience with child assessment
-Works well independently
-Has vehicle

How to Apply:
Please email resume to Barbara Howard, MD at 

Dec 11, 2014

Teaching Assistant for PSYC 346 - Intro to Clinical PSYC

Dr. Colleen Byrne, who is teaching Introduction to Clinical Psychology, is looking for an undergraduate teaching assistant for the Spring 2015 semester.  The position would require about six to nine hours per week, and can be for course credit (click here for details) or on a voluntary basis.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Completion of at least one of the following: Intro to Clinical, Psychopathology, or Helping Skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • Experience locating information and articles form library databases
Regular Responsibilities:
  • Initial grading of brief, weekly written assignments
  • Regular weekly meeting with Dr. Byrne
  • Searching the libraries for relevant articles and the internet for pictures/stories/videos
  • Helping to create multiple choice questions on new content and current events that relate to the course
  • Assist with managing student communication
If you are interested please email Dr. Byrne at

Motivated Cognition Lab Research Assistant Position!

Research Assistant Position 
Motivated Cognition Lab

Description: The RA will be involved in a research project that investigates cognitive and motivational underpinnings of intellectual humility. The research group is conducting studies aimed to test what personal characteristics and current motivational states are related to arrogant behavior.The lab is in need of someone who can start work the beginning of January or earlier.

-Video Coding
-Running participants
-Generating new stimuli
-Programming studies
-Coding data

-Does not miss work

Learn about Asperger's Syndrome this summer as a Camp Akeela Counselor!

Camp Akeela
Summer Camp Counselor Positions

Camp Akeela is a fun, traditional New England overnight summer camp in Vermont for boys and girls ages 9 - 18. Many of our campers have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or a nonverbal learning disability. Others are undiagnosed but described as “quirky.” All are very bright, charming well behaved boys and girls who struggle to connect with their peers.

Akeela provides staff the opportunity to play an integral role in a community that changes kids’ lives. You will gain valuable experience working first-hand with children, helping them develop social skills while forging life long friendships.

For more information please see the flier at the following link:

Dec 5, 2014

Gain Educational Psychology research lab experience!

Research Assistant Positions
Motivation in Education Research Group
The purpose of the Motivation in Education Research Group (MERG) is to conduct research on achievement motivation in educational settings. The main study RAs will be working on is examining how college students' beliefs about effort influence their self-evaluations of ability. RAs will begin in Spring semester 2015 and receive course credit.

-Participant recruitment
-Data collection
-Data entry/coding
-Participation in lab meetings
-Minimum hour per week: 6

-Undergraduate student at UMD
-Interest in educational psychology or motivation research

How To Apply:
For more information or to apply, please email Katie Muenks at
To learn more about the Motivation in Education Research Group go to:

Dec 3, 2014

Spring 2015 CAPER Lab Research Assistant positions!

Undergraduate Research Assistant Positions
Center for Addictions, Personality, and Emotion Research (CAPER)
University of Maryland

The Center for Addictions, Personality, and Emotion Research (CAPER) within the UMD Psychology Department is seeking undergraduate research assistants for a longitudinal study. The study examines low risk (e.g. riding in  a car without a seat belt) and high risk behavior (e.g. smoking, alcohol use, and sexual activity) among emerging adolescents. Research Assistants can volunteer for a minimum of 6 hours per week or earn PSYC 479 credit, with two credits for 6 hours per week and 3 credits for a minimum of 9 hours per week.

-Data Entry
-Data Verification
-Schedule Participants
-Direct interaction with participants and their families
-Discussion and analysis of scholarly research articles
-Information and guidance for graduate school
-Conduct own research project

How to Apply:
-Please email cover letter, resume and unofficial transcript to Ryan Stadnik at 

Full-Time Research Assistant position with Binghamton University's Mood Disorders Institute!

Full-Time Research Assistant Position 
Binghamton University 
Mood Disorders Institute
The Binghamton Mood Disorders Institute at Binghamton University is seeking a full-time Research Assistant to start as soon as January 5, 2015 or as late as June 1, 2015. This is a full time grant-funded research assistant position to assist with an NIMH-funded Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) study of 1,000 children examining genetic, epigenetic, and environmental influences on children’s attentional biases for emotional stimuli. Duties will include coordinating participant recruitment, preparation of study materials, participant assessments, and database management. The research assistant will also have opportunities to co-author scientific papers and journal articles. Salary will be $30,000 per year plus health insurance.

A BA/BS in psychology or other scientific field, including coursework in research methods and/or statistics. Successful candidates will demonstrate a conscientious work style and strong interpersonal skills. Candidates with experience with ERP and/or psychophysiological assessments and/or structured diagnostic interviewing are particularly encouraged to apply. This is an excellent position for a college graduate who is interested in gaining additional research experience before going on to graduate study in clinical psychology.

How To Apply:
To view the posting and apply online go to  In addition, please arrange to have two letters of recommendation sent via e-mail to Brandon E. Gibb, Ph.D. at 

DSCN Lab Research Assistant position!

Research Assistant Position 
Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

The Developmental, Social, Cognitive Neuroscience (DSCN) lab (directed by Dr. Elizabeth Redcay) is looking for bright, detail-oriented undergraduate students to assist with multiple behavioral and fMRI studies investigating social cognition in children and adults this Spring. RAs in the DSCN lab will gain hands-on experience with neuroimaging, behavioral, and developmental methods, which can increase the value of one’s graduate school application as well as provide an opportunity to earn a strong letter of recommendation. Class credit will also be made available to those interested and qualified.

-Participant recruitment: calling and scheduling participants over the phone and via e-mail
-Data entry: entering experimental data into Microsoft Excel and SPSS
-Data coding: coding participant questionnaires, standardized assessments, and participant videos
-Data organization: compiling and filing datasets; day-to-day lab maintenance
Stimuli creation: preparing stimulus materials (i.e., creating and editing videos)
-Data collection (behavioral and fMRI): setting-up and running behavioral studies; assisting with the acquisition of fMRI data at the Maryland Neuroimaging Center (located a couple blocks off the College Park campus)
-Opportunity to perform data processing and analysis (i.e., on fMRI, DTI, and behavioral data)
-Participating in weekly lab meetings (one hour)
-9 hours a week

-Academic background in psychology, neuroscience, or computer science
-Minimum GPA of 3.3
-Experience working with children
-Strong communication skills
-Moderate to strong technical/computer skills
-Moderate comfort level working with Mac computers and their applications
-Keenly interested in social development and developmental neuroscience
-Able to work independently

How To Apply:
Please email for more information and application materials. 

Dec 1, 2014

BSOS Peer Mentor Application Extended to Dec. 12th!

The BSOS peer mentor application is extended till Dec 12th in order to accommodate different students' class registration time.

The BSOS Peer Mentor program is a great way for students to gain leadership experience, build public speaking skills and gain elective credits.

The Peer Mentor Program is a component of the student services offered by the BSOS Advising Center. The primary role of Peer Mentors is to teach the BSOS Graduation Planning workshops each semester and conduct various presentations in BSOS UNIV100 sections. Through the services they provide to fellow students, Peer Mentors gain leadership, presentation, and public speaking skills. In preparation for their required tasks, all Peer Mentors are expected to attend weekly class sessions and serve for at least two semesters. Students will earn 1 academic credit after successful completion of each semester.

-Must be a BSOS major for a minimum of 2 semesters
-If the student is a Double Major, the primary major must be in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
-Sophomore, junior, or senior standing with intentions to return for Fall 2015
-At least a 2.5 GPA within major
-Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5+ (Required Submission of Unofficial Transcript)
-Must be in good judicial/academic standing

For More Information:
Go to

Nov 26, 2014

Become a Social Change Problem Solver! Register for BSOS 388B next semester!

BSOS 388B Innovation and Social Change: Do Good Now 
Tuesday 2:00-4:30 PM

Explore the many mechanisms for achieving social impact through social innovation. This is team-based, highly interactive and dynamic course that provides an opportunity for students to generate solutions to a wide range of problems facing many communities today. This course deepens the students understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation practices by guiding them through the creation and implementation process as applied to a project idea of their choice. These projects serve as the laboratory to implement topics such as design systems thinking, developing and communicating a strategy and goals, project management and implementation skills, teamwork and talent management, fundraising and revenue generation, marketing and partner development, leadership skills and project sustainability. For more information, visit This is a Fearless Ideas course offered in collaboration with PUAF388D and HONR348D